Sunday, September 4, 2016

7 Home Remedies To Lower High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

High blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension is one of the commonly found diseases in men and women. One out of every person in America is a patient of hypertension. And every year more and more are developing this disease.
The risk of developing high blood pressure increases as men crosses 45 years of age. Obesity, diet, stress, and family history are the main causes of developing high blood pressure.
High blood pressure should be controlled; otherwise it can result into various health problems like heart diseases, kidney diseases, etc. Doctors generally prescribe medications for controlling high blood pressure. But, along with this you can also lower high blood pressure without drugs by making some lifestyle changes.

How To Lower High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Have a look at the best home remedies to lower high blood pressure without drugs that really show positive results:


Diet plays an important role in lowering high blood pressure. You need to include foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products with low fat for lowering high blood pressure. Also consider including potassium rich foods.


Sodium levels in body increases with intake of salt. This results in increase in blood pressure levels. So, cutting down salt intake is important if you want to lower high blood pressure without drugs. Doctors recommend hypertension patients taking less than 1,500 mg of salt in a day.


Exercising regularly is also one of the important things to consider for controlling blood pressure. You should exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes every day to lower blood pressure. You can do exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, etc for lowering high blood pressure.

Stress Management

Stress is also one the major causes for high blood pressure. Thus, you should keep stress on check, if you want to control high blood pressure. You can follow various stress management techniques like breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, etc.

Weight Management

Obesity is also one of the important causes of high blood pressure. Maintaining a proper weight is important for controlling blood pressure. Make sure to lose extra pounds, and maintaining waistline.

Quit Smoking

Smoking also results in alleviated blood pressure levels. Smoking not only results in high blood pressure, it also results into many dangerous health problems. So, make sure to quit smoking, if you want to lower blood pressure.

Alcohol Intake

Make sure to lower alcohol intake level. Alcohol intake in small quantities is actually good to lower high blood pressure without drugs. But, if alcohol is taken in more quantity is can actually alleviate blood pressure.

Caffeinated Drinks

You should also control the intake of caffeinated drinks for lowering high blood pressure. Short-term spikes in blood pressure are created even in non-hypertension patient by taking caffeinated drinks. So, it is best to limit your coffee intake per day.
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